Friday, May 18, 2007

Hope You Didn't Get Frost Bit

Just a quick post about last night's frost warning. We were very busy at the store last evening bringing in our tender annuals-- the celosia, marigolds, dahlias, etc. When I got home I covered my caladiums and hypoestes that I had planted behind my pond last week and put a bucket over my tomato, when a certain co-worker proclaimed all frost possibilities passed. Thankyou very much, Micheal! We all get a little too eager to plant when the weather finally improves and we are no different. It was 45 at my house this morning, so I think we dodged the bullet. My neighbor, Susan, was busy yesterday covering her plants. Notice she used sheets and towels to cover the plants, not plastic sheeting. You can check out some previous postings about frost damage if you did get frost last night.

If you missed our seminar weekend in April, I have uploaded Kim Hartmann's perennial slide show to a web site called Slideshare. The link is at the bottom of the blog page. There is also a link to the vegetable seminar also given that weekend. It is on a different server at the moment because of the size of the file. This is still a learning process for me and as I figure out how to work out the bugs we will make the appropriate changes to the site.

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